William Brydone Jack (Fredericton Astronomy)

William Brydone Jack meeting - September 13 7pm

WBJ/Fredericton Meetings:

Second Tuesday of the month (September-June)

Location: UNB Fredericton Campus 2 Bailey Drive, Forestry and Geology Building, Room 203

Mercury Transit - EVENT - May 9 - Brookside Mall

Bringing the Stars to you ! May 09-14 /Brookside Mall Fredericton NB

You are invited to join members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, NB Centre and the William Brydone Jack Astronomy Club
throughout the week of May 09-14 in celebration of International Astronomy week. It all kicks off with solar viewing through professionally
filtered telescopes to see the transit of the planet Mercury across the face of the Sun on Monday May 09 (weather permitting), and the finale

RASC Regular meeting - 2016-2017 Astro Year

Here are the dates & locations for this year -  I’ve also included the locations of the meetings for each city.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to join us. The business meetings start at 11 am(usually), the general meetings start at 1 pm.. Don’t forget to bring a lunch if you’re attending both the business & general meetings together. We usually try to go to supper as a group after the meeting, depending on the weather. 

Welcome message

Welcome to Fredericton Astronomy Website We are interested in the night sky and interesting in observing the wonderful objects in our night sky... and sometimes even the Sun... safely of course. Come join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September until June (inclusive) to find out what is of interest in the night sky which includes video content from NASA and presentations from club members. Hosted by UNB for near a decade... but not a University level club... it is open to all ages, all levels of interest/experience, and no free...

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